New Music Coming Soon Produced By Two-Time Grammy Nominee “MATTAZIK MUZIK” who have work with Lil Baby, Young Thug, Gunna, Travis Porter and More.

Brazil Hill's latest single 'Race', which has been produced by Water Boy and engineered by Mattazik Muzik, is now available to stream on all major platforms.
Brazil Hill

Brazil Hill

Through all of the obstacles, adversities, and tragedies she’s faced in her life, Brazil Hill has always circled back to music in order to find her way. Giving all her thanks to God, the Alabama-based artist now prides herself on inspiring people across the globe and vows to continue to give her fans the music that they have grown to adore.

Stylistically, the American rapper and R&B singer has carved out a sound truly unique to herself. Whilst she cites influence from the likes of Usher, Ciara, Missy Elliot, Chris Brown, and T Pain, Brazil Hill has curated a melodic and soulful sound that sits perfectly with her precise blend of bars, booming 808’s, and relatable lyrics.

Brazil Hill - Race PR
Brazil Hill is an artist who prides herself on inspiring people across the globe through her captivating blend of melodic and soulful sounds. Her latest track, titled ‘Race’ features a concoction of precise bars and earth-shattering 808s while delivering a strong message of positive affirmation. Produced by Waterboy, engineered by Mattazik Muzik, and in collaboration with Jack James, 'Race' released by RichPointMusic on December 12th, 2021. With the track unleashing an abundance of both lyrical and musical fire in the depths of winter, Race's galvanizing wordplay and melodic hooks once again prove that no matter what life throws at her, she remains focused on her ascent to musical stardom. Brazil Hill: "The message I want people to get from the release is that no matter how many doors close in your face, you've just gotta keep knocking. 'Race' shows strength, so keep putting it in their face until they respect how you coming." For media enquiries, including interviews and all things press-related, please email richpointrecords18@gmail.com.

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