Brazil Hill

Through all of the obstacles, adversities, and tragedies she’s faced in her life, Brazil Hill has always circled back to music in order to find her way. Giving all her thanks to God, the Alabama-based artist now prides herself on inspiring people across the globe and vows to continue to give her fans the music that they have grown to adore.

Stylistically, the American rapper and R&B singer has carved out a sound truly unique to herself. Whilst she cites influence from the likes of Usher, Ciara, Missy Elliot, Chris Brown, and T Pain, Brazil Hill has curated a melodic and soulful sound that sits perfectly with her precise blend of bars, booming 808’s, and relatable lyrics.

Born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, her upbringing has made Brazil no stranger to street violence. In 2007, her oldest brother was shot and killed in a senseless act because of a heated dispute. Several years later, Brazil was herself shot twice in a drive-by in her hometown. Nevertheless, as life’s hurdles became tougher, she has remained focused on her ascent to musical stardom.

With these events changing her outlook towards life, it dawned upon Brazil Hill that it was through music that she’d pursue a better life. Shortly afterwards, Brazil and her business partner Freddie Davis started an independent label, RichPointMusic. In 2018, she released ‘In A Minute’, Brazil’s debut single on her own imprint, before quickly going on to release her debut EP ‘ALPHA’ the following year.

Brazil was nominated for Female Lyricist of the Year by the Atlanta Independent Music Awards and an additional 4 categories at the Alabama Music Awards in 2019. Early 2020 then saw the release of her hit single ‘U’, which has gone on to amass over 100,000 plays for its accompanying music video.

Unapologetically real, Brazil Hill is confident in her skin and in what she stands for. As a lesbian, the Alabaman doesn’t shy away from her identity and proudly wears her stripes in both life and the music industry. Despite having to confront occasional criticism or disapproval, she continues to grind daily, with Brazil’s talent speaking for itself as she continues to go from strength to strength.

Brazil Hill’s latest single ‘Race’, which has been produced by Water Boy and engineered by Mattazik Muzik, is now available to stream on all major platforms.

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